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  The Spring / Summer Collection’s Keyword is “As It Is “ ( as usual, as always, the end.)
  The name of the brand brings a sturdy image of Stone’As, it symbolises the peaceful stillness of the Blue and the irregular streamline of the Amoeba. It intrigues others to dig deeper into its core, the implication of its flexible appearance and the inner perseverance of the soul ripen into varied characters like all of us in the world we live in.

Designer : Stone Shih & JenJen Weng
Photographer : Jerry Chao
Model : Roman
Hair & Makeup artist : Po Tsang Ho
Special thanks: Kingcraft eyewear, Ivone Chen, Shane Chang, Faryn RayRay, Canvas Taipei

“Khak’s in the Air” muffled up with dust
Wherever one goes, it is destructive with its subtle existence. Just like dust, it lives in the air that we breath daily.
The merit and inferiority come within, one feels different from the other even breaths in the same space.
Only when one let the mind rest, be persistent and co-exist with it in order to walk handsomely but not without class in a condition where dust is muffled up.

Line 聯繫我們



The Big City comes with a quicken pace, as if a city walker is walking strenuously on the treadmill with a speed of 10km per hour.
To rush to catch a bus hurriedly;
To walk into the convenient store for an easy micro-meal;
To send out an Emoji to replace the social greetings effortlessly;
But really...
Is this how we want to live?
A break isn’t just for the privileges.
Once the treadmill runs out of power,
so will the people stopped their doings metaphorically.
And learn to enjoy the “ Slow Pace “ way of life.
Don’t just muddle through in life.

Stone@s 2020 Spring / Summer

  A repetition day after day. A life as we know it. When was the last time that the brain zoning out. Just snuggled up on the couch, think of nothing but to feel the pounding of a heartbeat. Like the fishes in the tank, swim to nowhere but to breath the oxygen in the water.

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